Mortgage Solutions

Interest rate reduction on mortgage debt and taking advantage of tax deductions may be obvious, but our primary focus is offering retirement solutions that include the government insured Reverse Mortgage.

However, new rules and safeguards have been put into place to protect retirees and their families and the government insured Reverse Mortgage available today we feel is an outstanding product and can be a great financial tool.

The money you receive from a Reverse Mortgage is not taxable and has no impact on your Social Security or Medicare benefits*.

Our clients have used the Reverse Mortgage to eliminate their existing mortgage payments. Others just need additional income or a line of credit for the future. Some of the highlights of the Reverse Mortgage include:

  • Receive tax-free money from the equity in your house
  • Eliminate your current mortgage payments
  • You are not required to make monthly mortgage payments
  • No-out-of pocket expense to you
  • The title to the home stays in your name
  • You can do a Reverse Mortgage and keep the title in your Living Trust
  • Your Social Security and Medicare benefits are not affected

If you could use additional income or just want to get rid of your current mortgage payments, you owe it to yourself and your family to learn more about the government insured Reverse Mortgage program.